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It all began with my beautifully ambitious mother, Jimmie. As a working mother, she developed a passion for baking pretty confections for her loved ones. She began making cakes for friends, family and co-workers and the treats were loved by all. Mom loved bringing people joy and drawing them together with her creations. This continued for years until Mom's love of baking inspired her and my father to open their own bakery in Fresno, California. Jimmie's Bakery was one of the best places in town to get wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cookies, pastries and the like. It was a small, family-run business where I learned at a young age to decorate wedding cakes. I continued to work alongside my mom as a young mother of 4 children. My kids grew up immersed in the bakery life; folding boxes, helping customers and learning the small business trade.

When my parents retired in 2008, I quickly realized there was a great demand for wedding cakes and other special occasion cakes. Where were people going to get their cakes?! Along with my daughter and business partner Megan, as well as family and friends, we decided to open Frosted Cakery. Our business plan is to make "Dreams in Buttercream" for all! We believe with our love and artistry, we can change the world, one Frosted treat at a time.

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